Chiropractic Colleges In California

Of all of the states with chiropractic colleges, California by far has the most. Of the 18 accredited US colleges, four of them are found in the great state of California, giving students on the west coast a number of local options for the chiropractic education.

Cleveland Chiropractic College

The main campus of the Cleveland Chiropractic College is located in Kansas, but they operate a branch campus right in the heart of Los Angeles. The campus has been continuously accredited since 1985, but the pass rates on the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners are slightly below the nationís average. Still, the college boasts some of the highest graduation rates and can count 1 in 10 practicing chiropractors among their graduates. All graduates of the program will have received a Bachelorís degree, either before they are admitted or earned concurrently with their Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Life Chiropractic College West

The Life Chiropractic West campus is located on the opposite side of the bay from San Francisco in Hayward, California. The college does a great deal to cater toward students of all types with incredible continuing education options that allow for practicing doctors to learn new methods of treatment. The NBCE pass rates for graduates of the college are average or slightly above, and the school has maintained accreditation for 25 continuous years. The school also works to place recent graduates in reputable positions, vetting available opportunities through their alumni board.

Southern California University of Health Sciences

With one of the longest unbroken records of accreditation, the Southern California University of Health Sciences has been licensing students since 1971. Because the school is not solely dedicated to chiropractic but instead teaches a variety of different health sciences, students at SCU are able to explore a variety of different practices and apply a number of treatment methods. This makes SCU a great college for students interested in the mixer approach to treatment instead of focusing purely on vertebral subluxation. The school also emphasizes a hands-on approach to education, requiring students to invest a large amount of time in clinical practice and internships.

Palmer College of Chiropractic West

Located in San Jose California, the Palmer College of Chiropractic West has a long history in chiropractic education. The founder of the college Daniel David Palmer was one of the first leading chiropractors, and he is known for exploring the ideas behind modern chiropractic medicine long before it had a name. That legacy has continued with some of the most respected innovators in the field teaching at the college. Research is a huge priority at the Palmer College, and the college has a number of state of the art research facilities on the West campus. Students can experience the latest techniques and implement newer technologies before anyone else in the country, giving them an edge in practice.

Each of Californiaís accredited chiropractic colleges provides students with unique opportunities to learn and thrive in the rapidly growing field of chiropractic medicine. Plus, because California has a huge number of successful chiropractic offices, the opportunities for career placement after graduation could not be better.